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Laser sintering production system

Auxiliary equipment for building material

Open Breakout Unit开放式拆件清粉平台

Open Breakout Unit Open platform

TPM3D 3D Drum Mixer (75 L)

TPM3D 3D Drum Mixer (75 L)

Dust Collecting Tank of PPS粉尘收集柜

Dust Collecting Tank of PPS Dust collector

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Laser sintered 3D printing material library

It has various properties, stable and harmless mechanical strength, and has special properties such as wide temperature range,
stable flow and no need of pre dehumidification. The molding parts have the characteristics of color stability,
size stability, good mechanical properties, grinding, bonding, hot welding and dyeing and so on.

3D printing service field

InP 3D printing technology is a professional advantage to help users save time and cost. It has been widely used in Aeronautics and Astronautics, architecture design, automobile manufacturing, Molding、Dental Care、Consumer、Education、Medical care、National defense Other fields

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  • Come into Ying Pu

    Ying Pu technical team engaged in industrial 3D printing industry from 1999 to 2004, begin to study in the process of laser sintering nylon powder rapid prototyping, in 2008 China launched the first laser sintering nylon powder additive manufacturing system, TPM ELITE P4500 and Precimid 1120 nylon powder. Then get the North American rapid manufacturing industry industry giant Stratasys Direct Inc. investment in 2014, the formation of 3D printing technology in China ...

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